7 Steps To Targeted Traffic And Making Money Online

(Part II – 7 Steps)

Getting targeted traffic to your website is the goal . But lets start at the beginning…        7 Steps to building a profitable website:

  1. Choose a concept or product to build your site or blog around
  2. Identify  keywords that will get your site indexed
  3. Find hosting that is right for you
  4. Build an optimised site based around your keywords
  5. Get your site indexed
  6. Create conent
  7. Generate Traffic Repeat steps 7 & 8 at least twice a week.

That’s the broad outline of how to get yourself online and how to get more hits.Next we’ll cover step 1 & 2 in detail.Stay Tuned to Traffic Generating Software for Part III : Choose The Right Concept And Keywords For Your Site


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Automated Traffic Generating Solutions

(PART I – Introduction)

Originally this site was meant to sell the newest,  most popular traffic generating software available. So i did my research and read lots of reviews (written by people who bought it) on the products I would potentially sell and…well…most of them (the users) weren’t happy.

I’m sure there are products online that can automatically drive targeted traffic to our sites , but I haven’t found it yet. I will find it. I will use it for my own websites (and i will sell it to every man,woman and child with a PayPal account or credit card.)

The good news is that there are many tried and tested , free and premium online tools that you can use to boost your website traffic and online income. So, until I find an automated traffic generating solution that i am willing to put my name on, I will tell you about the methods i use, share the links to the  resources I find and hopefully get some constructive conversation going on this particular topic.

If you have comments and questions , post it and I will get back to you. That’s it for my opening rant. Stay Tuned for PART II : 7 Steps to Targeted Traffic and Making Money Online

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